Off Grid Solar Projects

Off Grid Solar Projects

The Cal Black Memorial Airport

The Cal Black Memorial Airport is located a short ten miles from the shores of picturesque Lake Powell near Halls Crossing and the Bullfrog Marina. The remote FAA facility is 100% off the grid. NewGrid was contacted by referral from Natural Power and Energy, a Scottsdale based solar services provider, to perform system sizing, design, and engineering associated with needed upgrades to the power system. Learn how they turned to NewGrid for this upgrade 

Valley Center Wireless

Valley Center Wireless – Valley Center Wireless has delivered high-speed wireless Internet services to their clients in Southern California since 2003. Valley Center Wireless executives contacted NewGrid on referral and explained their challenging situation with regards to a power system on Palomar Mountain. With an ageing battery bank and the need for additional repeater equipment to serve their growing network of clients, the power system was in need of upgrades. Learn more about their project


Cavco is a leading builder of Manufactured and Modular Homes, Park Model Homes and Vacation Cabins in the United States. Cavco created an excellent opportunity for Off-Grid living with the help of NewGrid Inc. Learn more about how they are now providing reliable solar-electric power to their Cavco product line.

Ortiz residence

Kathy Ortiz moved to the warm open spaces of Arizona from back east where she was a practicing patent attorney. Kathy’s decision to look at property not connected to the electric utility grid allowed her to purchase a larger property with more wide open spaces and less traffic but yet still be relatively close to town. While there was already an existing solar power system in place, Kathy had plans to add infrastructure. She contacted NewGrid for help. There is now an abundance of power available on the property to drive the various water pumps, refrigeration equipment, lighting, utilitarian loads, HVAC, satellite communications and internet. Learn all the details about her project

Sherrer Residence

Don and Joyce Scherrer purchased land outside of Phoenix metro in the west valley at a location beyond where the utility lines were strung up. The land was cheaper, they could purchase more of it, and they drilled a well for water. They knew they would use solar power to drive their electrical loads. They contacted NewGrid for help. Learn about their project

Stan and Ruth White Residence

Stan and Ruth White moved off grid in the 90s to a picturesque property in the Tombstone area. They custom built a beautiful home where they still live today. In 2006, they approached NewGrid to assist them with solar power. Learn about their ranch solution

Wirth project

The Wirth project was completed mid-August 2014 with great success. 3000 Watts of Solar Energy along with 15kWh of energy storage was engineered and installed by NewGrid Power which provided around the clock energy storage perfect for the remote environment of the Wirth Ranch. Get the details 

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Fred Davis and his family have been ranching Cochise County between the San Pedro and Sulphur Springs Valleys near Tombstone since 1900. Fred and Peggy live at the main ranch house full time while two subsequent generations now occupy various other outbuildings near headquarters. Get all the details of their NewGrid Project.

47 Ranch

Since 2002 the Moroney family has been living and working on the 47 Ranch located near Bisbee and Tombstone in Cochise County, Arizona. NewGrid Inc has upgraded this power system two times over the years and hopes to continue to be the go to renewable energy contractor for either any future power system
upgrades or material electrical power distribution requirements about the ranch. In 2004 a new energy storage system was installed along with about 3300 watts of solar. Late 2013 saw us out there again to upgrade the power conditioning equipment and add another 4500 watts of solar. Learn more about this project

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